Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Proud Mom of an Eagle Scout

You've heard me talk about my son in the past. He's 13 (14 in October) and just started high school. He plays trumpet and is really involved in Boy Scouts. He's a really great kid!

We are especially proud of him for achieving his Eagle Scout Rank in June! We held the official Eagle Scout Ceremony on Saturday evening. It was a really nice ceremony and I am glad it's done!

This is a picture of us after the ceremony. The tall guy in the scout uniform is my Brother-in-Law. He's a Assistant Scout Master with my nephews' troop in Sacramento.

At the Reception following the ceremony we set up chocolate fountains with all kinds of goodies for dipping. The Red and Blue fountains are white chocolate with coloring in them. The fountains were a big hit!

Don't worry...I have some stamping stuff to share too! I made a few things for this occasion!

There were several adults who were a part of the ceremony. Garret gave each one of them a Scout coffee cup and I made this tag for each of them.

For the scouts that helped with the flag ceremony, handing out programs, cleaning up, etc. Garret gave them these cool scout pens that light up with a red light. I created these cards and tied a pen to each one.

This is the Thank you card that I made for Garret to send to people who gave him gifts. I made 25 of these and they were pretty quick and easy to make.

and finally....this is the card I made for Garret from us.
I am going to make up some more of these for future Court of Honors so I have them on hand.

I hope you enjoyed all these projects. All the stamps are from Cornish Heritage Farms and use Prism Paper (Twilight Dark, Classic Red, and simply smooth white). I used Copic Markers to color the owl. If you have any specific questions about any of these projects, let me know.



Lorie said...

Holy cow...that is great! Both the Eagle Scout honor and all the work you did for your son. Great job!

Rochelle W said...

Way to go Garret!!
You are a proud mamma!