Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bandfest Bonanza

No posting the last couple of days but no stamping either!

I've been in Pasadena attending two days of "Bandfest". If you're an old band geek like me this is a great way to spend your time. It's held at the Pasadena City College Stadium and it's a big musical celebration. Basically all the marching bands that will be in the Rose parade tomorrow come and perform.

Some of them do their field shows and some just stand out on the field and play. After performing, each of the bands lines up on the track and does their "pass and review" which is the song they will be playing for the TV Cameras on New Years Day.

The Pasadena Honor Band plays at the beginning of all three performances so we went to all three to root the kids on. There were a lot of fabulous bands there but our favorite had to be the Marine Corp band.

The last song they played was Semper Fedelis. Towards the end of the song an announcer spoke in the background and read the Marine Corp motto and while he was speaking these camouflaged soldiers came running out with the flag and created a live memorial!

It was so very touching! If you ever get a chance to see a performance of any of the military bands I would encourage you to do so. It makes you proud to be an American!

I hope you will have a happy and safe New Years. We will be heading to bed early as we have to get up at 2:30 AM to head to Pasadena for the Rose Parade!


Lorie said...

Oh, I am a band geek to and that sounds like FUN! What a wonderful experience for everyone involved and spectators too!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like so much fun! I guess I'm a band geek, too. No harm, no foul. lol! BTH, I heard Eye of The Tiger yesterday and regressed back into a geeky teen. Had a good laugh. '>

Happy New Year!