Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Need to Organize...

So...I went to Michael's yesterday because I had a 40% off coupon burning a hole in my wallet. I didn't really need anything in particular but as happens every week I was sure I needed something at 40% off... I know you crafters all know what I mean!

So I walked up and down the isles and finally decided to get some more prima flowers. I was so excited when Michael's started carrying these last year. But as I stared at all the pretty colors I was struck with the realization that I have so many stinking flowers that I can't even figure out which color I need to buy! Are you feeling my pain yet??? But it seems like whenever I need to add flowers to my card I can't find the right color so I must need some more...right? I ended up buying nothing but went home to look at my flowers to see what I need. The problem is that over the years I have purchased bottles and packages of mixed up colors and I have friends who have sent me extra flowers and over time they have all gotten thrown together in various containers. So yesterday I decided to sort them out and see what I have.

This is them sorted on the bed. After I did this I realized that I should have taken a picture before I sorted them. Just imagine all these flowers all mixed up....

After sorting the flowers I had to figure out a way to store them that would keep them organized and easy to see. Wala! (is that how wala is spelled?)

Do you recognize those containers?

They are the clearly creative card boxes from Papertrey Ink. I love this storage idea! I can see the colors and they sit neatly on my shelf! As you can see I have WAY too many purple flowers so they went back into one of my prima cans. I guess I don't use purple very often. The best part? I found out that I need more red flowers! So I am heading back to Michael's today because my coupon expires. There will probably be another one in tomorrows paper so I better start thinking about what I need tomorrow.

Any ideas? I'd love to hear what you're buying with your coupon this week!

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Catherine said...

what a great way to store your flowers. I have these storage from PTI and actually thrown some of them already but i still have few laying around. thanks for the tip :)

Julie Masse said...

Too funny Kristine!! I'm so glad it's about 45 minutes to the nearest Michael's - keeps me from "saving" with all those coupons!! :) Great storage idea!!

Steph said...

Hi Kristine, what a great idea for storage. I wonder if i could ask a question? I am in the UK but my husband is coming out to California (Cupertino?) in March for a two week work thing. I did some investigating and have discovered he is staying just down the street from a Michaels! Woohoo! I hear only good things about this store so he's offered to do a little shopping for me. What are the best products to get from there? And where do you find the it in the local newspapers? Any advice you can give would be appreciated! (I would have emailed you but i can't see your address!)...thank!! Stephanie :)