Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Cherry Hello

I've been tagged by Julie Campbell. Here are the rules:

•Open your photo folder on your computer
•Open the 6th folder of photos
•Select the 6th picture
•Post the picture on your blog with a description
•Invite six friends to join the challenge
•Link your six friends to your blog post

Well, Julie is going to be disappointed in me! The sixth folder in my photo folder is the MHS Band folder and the sixth folder in there was the Bowling Alley Lock and Bash pictures from last August and it's full of kids in the band. I didn't think it was right to post some random kids picture on my blog. So then I though well, I'll just
pick another picture and post it here...what to pick???? My dog, the kids, me? I couldn't decide. But let me assure you that it wasn't for a lack of trying! Besides...that would have been cheating, right? It's sorta been that sort of day.

I got up this morning and was going to do the Inspiration Challenge on SCS. I pick out my inspiration piece. I figured it was the perfect excuse to pull out my new Shady
Tree Studio fruit basket stamps. I cut a piece of pink cardstock and randomly stamped the cherry image all over it. Then I pulled out a green copic marker and when I opened it a big drop of ink plopped in the middle of my panel! Ahhhhh! So I calmly got another pink panel and stamped the cherries again. I opened my green ink pen and when I touched the tip to the paper a big blob came out! I think I overfilled it last think? So the third time was a charm. I made sure the marker was working right this time and finally put the card together! I used Cammie's sketch and came up with this card:

I am going to Charlotte, NC for work till Wednesday. I'll try to post between now and then if I have decent internet in the hotel. Otherwise I'll be back on Thursday. Thanks for stopping by.


Julie Campbell said...

:) Thanks for trying!!! I appreciate it! And your card is adorable! I really love those cherries & you colored them beautifully!!! :)

Karen said...

Your card is happy, cheery, and fun!! Just love those cherries!! :>