Friday, July 24, 2009

Thanks for your Service

I flew back from Mississippi today. Left Jackson at 6 AM which is 4 AM in my California world! I had a three hour layover in Dallas but all in all it was a pretty good travel day.

I flew American Airlines and I thought it was pretty cool when they were boarding the plane in Dallas that they asked the service men in uniform to board with first class. There was a 20 something soldier in uniform that I watched board. He sat a few rows in front of me. I saw a few people stop and tell him, "thank you for your service" as they walked by. I thought that was pretty cool too.

When we were deplaning in Burbank I was a few people behind him. I watched him enter the terminal and he was immediately embraced by three people in a huge group hug. As I walked by I saw his Mom, sister, and dad (in uniform too). They were all hugging and had tears running down their faces...even the two soldiers....wasn't long before I too had tears running down my face.

I know we all get busy in our day to day lives, working, playing, stamping...we I remembered. There are young men and women out there risking their lives for our freedom. There are families everywhere wondering if their sons, daughters, husbands, and wives will be returning home. Today, I remembered.

So...when I got home I took out this lovely set, We Remember, by CHF and inked it for the first time. I made 12 of this card which I will get to one of the many organizations who send cards to the soldiers. Today I remembered....take a minute to remember too....