Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Hope you all had a very Happy New Year!

I am back to work today after a crazy week of running Tyler back and forth to Parade rehearsal. we were SO very honored to have her make the Pasadena City College Tournement of Roses Honor Band. The band is made up of 70 Pasadena college students and about 130 High School Students. Over 600 kids auditioned for the 130 spots so it's really cool that she made it. This is a picture of her at 5 AM yesterday morning.
It's been tough for her because she has spent every Sunday since Halloween and everyday from 12/21 till 1/1 (except Christmas eve and Christmas) in Pasadena and totally missed out hanging with friends the first week of winter break. New Years Eve she was tired, frustrated, and upset that she couldn't go to any New Years Eve parties because we had to get up at 3 AM on New Years Day. I encouraged her to get through the parade and then she could say she did it and won't have to do it again if she doesn't want to.

On Saturday and Sunday before New Years, we went to, and she performed at Bandfest. There was one show on Saturday and two on Sunday. Each show her band performed on the field and then 6 other bands who are marching in the Rose Parade each perform. If you're a band geek like me, it's fun to go to.

So, she performed on Saturday, twice on Sunday, had a four hour marching rehearsal on Monday. Finally, it was New Years Day. She said she felt hot, sick, and feaverish right before the parades. We had no idea if it was nerves or if she was really sick but she wasn't going to not march in the parade after all the hard work she put in.

After the parade (six miles long) she was grinning ear to ear and couldn't stop talking about how awesome it was! She said that it was amazing to march in a parade in a band that big and that great sounding and to see the thousands of people lined up and cheering for them as the went by....I think she may be up for it again next year!

It was our first year attending the parade in person, though we have lived in Southern California for 12 years.

It was great seeing all the floats in real life...very different than on TV. If you ever get a chance to spend New Years on Colorado should do it! And for those of you in the cold and snow, it was a very beautiful balmy California day!
Here's a couple of pictures of the floats. My in-laws went home today. I am catching up on real job stuff and plan to head back to the stamping room tomorrow so I should be back to sharing regularly by the end of the week!
I hope you all survived and even enjoyed the holiday season and that you all have a very happy 2008!


Dawn said...

So exciting for you all!! I watched but must have had a commercial when the band went by...sigh
Congratulations Tyler!!!

Lori Craig said...

Congratulations to the whole family, as this was clearly a whole family effort! Great pictures and it looks like it was a fabulous time!

Anonymous said...

That's so cool. The band from my town was there also, Niceville HS Band. One day I would love to be there in person.

Stampin hugs, Pattie

Mesha Maximo said...

Ah, the days of band practice and performing. I remember it, well, bits and pieces of it. You and Jeff probably have a lot more pics than me, but I have a little memory book, including our final performance/competition. It's great that Tyler got a great rush from it in the end. I was too sick to be out there, so we watched from home. I could have given you our tickets.

Happy New Year and all my best to you guys.


Julie Masse said...

Very cool Kristine - your daughter will always remember this! :)