Sunday, April 18, 2010

Class of 2010

Made it back from camping and visiting the Cal Poly campus with my daughter last night. Hubby and son came up early yesterday and will hang out today before heading home. I had to get my daughter back because she has to work today!

We fell in love with Cal Poly again! She is so excited to be going there in the fall. It is a beautiful campus with friendly, supportive people. I am really happy she's made this decision. Thinking about college get's me thinking about her graduation in 8 I've started playing around with some party announcements. Her group of friends wants to have a party to celebrate and I'm in charge of invitations.

Here's a couple that I've come up with...

I'm leaning towards the second one but am still playing around...They were both made using Kim Hughes "Congrats Grad" set. It's a great set to have on hand at this time of year!

Well, I'd like to say that I'm off to stamp...but I'm off to do laundry and clean up the camping stuff! Hope the rest of your weekend is great !


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