Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mass Production

Like many of you I stamp all year long and store my cards in a shoe box (or several shoeboxes) until this time of year rolls around.

Then I pull out the shoe boxes and start packaging them up for gifts. The kids teachers, my family and friends, the ladies at my husbands work...everyone gets cards and once they've gotten them they look forward to receiving them year after year! So, yesterday I packaged up about 300 cards to give as gifts. I love giving these as gifts but as soon as I get them packaged up the panic begins as I realize that my card stash has dwindled down to less than 30 cards...

So, last night while hubby and the kids were at the football game I decided to do some mass producing to start getting my stash built back up for next year.

I had made this card back in October and really liked how it turned out. I decided to make a bunch of them last night. I got out my Thomas Kinkade Masculine series paper and whipped up 16 cards (4 of each design) in an hour!

That's one of the things I love most about this paper. It's beautiful and it makes it so easy to make beautiful , quick cards!

And...this paper is perfect for the Men in your lives!

Hubby is out Christmas shopping now. I've done the laundry and cleaned the garage so I can now do some guilt free stamping...see you later!

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Lori Craig said...

Girl - so that is the motivation behind your incredibly heavy stamping. I am always so jealous at the beauty and quantity of cards you create. Wonderful gift! I know the women in your life are so appreciative of you.

Will I see you in a few weeks!? Hope so! Loved the Christmas card that arrived this week! :) Hugs!