Friday, May 2, 2008

Thank you Vicki

So...a couple of weeks ago I am working at an all day band festival. I was working at the medals booth. Every half hour when a band found out their score, the kids would run over to my table and buy their medals for the place they finished. This "rush" would last 5 minutes and then I'd sit for 25 minutes and wait for the next rush.

One of the other mom's working the booth next to me sat knitting. I told her that she was smart for bringing something to keep busy. She reaches in her bag and hands me knitting needles and tells me to pick a skein of yarn (she had at least 8 different colors/types in her bag. I started knitting with one skein but found it to be all knotted up. She threw that one back in her bag and gave me another one. I didn't finish that day so she told me to take it home and finish it up. I couldn't believe that this mom who I hardly knew was so very generous with her yarn & needles. I was so touched by her generosity that when I returned the needles I wanted to give her a little thank you so I made this little card set for her. She loved it!

CHF Stamps:

-Prismatic white, Frosted Teal, Iced Teal, and Suede Brown Light by Prism Paper

-White Frost Pigment Ink by Clearsnap
-Adirondack Pool dye ink by Ranger

-Gingham ribbon by Ribbon Trios from Michael's



Julie Campbell said...

Oh my gosh, Kristine! These are SO AWESOME! Seriously makes me all happy inside! Cool color combo!

The Lucky Clucker said...

sqI love what you do with the backgrounders! Fantastic colours!

Rochelle W said...

Really really cute!!