Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ten Minutes or less!

My daughter's BF is in a local Drum and Bugle Corp. For those of you who are not band geeks like us, Drum and Bugle Corps is a national program which allows kids age 14-21 to be in a "marching band" that goes around the country during the summer and compete. Championships are in Indy in August. For those of you that are band geeks, I know that's a lame explanation...

He has been working hard all summer on their show and has only been off one day a week and now on Tuesday he is leaving on tour for three weeks. They won't have any place to pick up mail while they are gone so my daughter decided to give him a box of 25 cards. She has written little notes in each one, sealed them up and labeled them with the date on the front. He is supposed to open one each day. So...guess who had to hurry and make a bunch of cards? Yep, you guessed it!

We looked through my stash and found 10-12 miss you, thinking of you, type cards and then I quickly threw some more together. It was a fun challenge for me. There was no sense going crazy with embellishments, layers, etc. He's an 18 year old boy...and truly doesn't appreciate that sort of thing. Tyler gave him a card I had made for some occasion a while back that had brads down the side and he asked what the point of the brads was since they weren't holding anything else on to the card....AHHHHHH!!!! But I regress....

Here are a couple of the cards I threw together. All stamps are by Cornish Heritage Farms.

I'll be back tomorrow with a our weekly challenge chicks challenge.

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