Tuesday, June 9, 2009

If at first you don't succeed....

Today's post is the story of how messing up on a project can actually force you to take another look at it and make it even better than you had planned!

Today's project is a card with one of the images from Athletic Hands, which is the newest release from Shady Tree Studio.
So...first I stamped the Bowling ball image. Then I carefully stamped each of the words from Invitation Essentials. I was very pleased that they lined up pretty well. Finally, I got out my copic markers and started coloring the image. Well...I must have gotten some glue or adhesive on that hand because there was this weird streak across the wrist part where the ink would not color the paper. Soooo frustrating. But...I did it once, I could do it again...right? I got a new piece of cardstock and started again.This time I must have been pressing a little too hard because the Y's had come out much darker than the rest of the words. It doesn't show too well in the picture but trust me...I couldn't use the panel. So I started again...

I stamped the image and all the words. I colored the ball and arms. So far...so good. I went ahead and matted the image and poked the holes for the brads. Then I noticed that there were some spots of color around the words. I tried to get rid of them with my colorless blender but it only made it worse!!!

I was getting ready to toss this panel and just give up on the card when I had a thought...maybe I could cover up the words. So...I got some scraps off my desk, stamped each of the words, cut them out and adhered them over the smudged words. I am very happy with the finished card. So much better than what I had origionally planned! What do you think?

This new set has so many great possibilities. Here's a look at all the images in Athletic Hands:
I hope this post inspires you to take another look at those "goof ups" and see if you can make them into something you love. See you later!

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