Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

I was going to make a patriotic card for today but I decided to hurry and get my post up today so that I can park in front of the television and watch all the festivities as our new president takes office.

Over the weekend I organized and ran a HUGE rummage sale for the band program at the high school. In our town we are not allowed to tape or post signs up in the neighborhood. They actually pay a city worker to go around and take them down! So when you have a garage sale you have to stick signs on your car and park it somewhere. For our sale on Saturday I sent a few kids down the street with large posterboards announcing our sale. My daughter went down to the corner by the soccer field with her sign and her i-pod and was dancing and rocking out...until she landed sideways on her ankle. Suddenly my 16 year old turns 3 again as she calls me crying...

I rushed down there and picked her up, took her home and put ice on it. I really didn't think it was a big deal. 30 minutes later the side of her ankle was swollen up nearly as big as a tennis ball. I took her to urgent care where they took x-rays. She stretched/popped a ligament but didn't do any damage to the bone. They splinted her up, gave her crutches and told her to stay off of it for a few days. Luckily, with no school yesterday she had nearly 3 days of rest. She went to school with the ankle still wrapped but no crutches today. This card is one I made her on Sunday. Gave it to her with a new video game since she was stuck in bed for two days!

Even with all the drama of the day we had a very successful rummage sale raising over $1700 for the band program. I hope you had a great weekend...with a little less drama than mine!

Thanks for stopping by!

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